ADOLF HITLER: The Greatest Story Never Told 4-DVD Set

ADOLF HITLER: The Greatest Story Never Told 4-DVD Set

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The epic documentary Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told by Dennis Wise is breaking barriers and challenging perceptions on a global scale.

Dennis Wise devoted 18 months of his life to bring you this incredible ?ground-breaking documentary of epic proportions?.

The motivation behind the making of this documentary stemmed from early childhood taunts owing to his father having served in the German military during the period of World War II.

Post-war, around the age of 12, Dennis asked his father; ?Why did the Nazi?s kill all those people in the camps?? His father?s story diverged wildly from what he was being taught in school.

Now, many years later, and after painstaking research Dennis has produced a comprehensive, unbiased, objective picture of what really happened during the World Wars, and why Adolf Hitler?s story is The Greatest Story Never Told.

Multi-Region DVD Format, all discs play on both your computer and your DVD player.

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